中国建设银行上海市分行      www.ccb.cn

中国建设银行上海市分行成立于1954年,是一家业务种类齐全,服务功能完善,服务手段先进,享有盛誉的现代股份制商业银行。至 2003年底,本外币资产总额已达2490.89亿元,营业网点328个,存款规模达2374.07亿元,经营利润43.67亿元。

China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch
China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch, founded in 1954 and started its business from proceeding to and managing the state infrastructure investment, is now a listed commercial bank enjoying high reputation locally with a complete set of Banking business, all-round services and advanced service methods. Up to the end of 2003, it has set up 31 sub-branches and 328 operating offices with a total asset of RMB 249.89 billion in both domestic and foreign currencies, the outstanding balance of savings account RMB 237.41 billion and a profit of RMB 4.37 billion.

上海建工集团      www.china-scg.com

上 海建工集团50年来在参与国家的建设中不断壮大,已经拥有近300家全资和控股企业、总资产230多亿元,年综合营业额260亿元。逐步形成了建筑安装、 工业生产、房产开发、园林建设、实业投资等产业板块。 该公司承建了上海大部分标志性建筑和重大工程:金茂大厦、东方明珠电视塔、浦东国际机场、上海大剧院、上海博物馆、新锦江大酒店等上海十大金奖经典建筑。 其它还包括卢浦大桥、磁浮列车营运线、江阴长江公路、北京国家大剧院等项目。2003年在美国《工程新闻记录》杂志评选“全球最大的225家国际工程承包 商”活动中名列第38位。

Shanghai Construction Group (SCG)
The past 50 years has witnessed the steady development of SCG. Now SCG consists of over 300 wholly owned and holding enterprises, with total assets of 23 billion RMB and annual turnover of 26 billion RMB, forming its all round business of building construction, E & M installation, industrial production, real-estate development, garden & landscape construction, industrial investment and etc. Most of the landmark buildings and major projects in Shanghai have been completed by SCG, such as “The Ten Gold-medal Classical Buildings of Shanghai”---- Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Pu Dong International Airport, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Museum, Jin Jiang Tower, etc. Others include the steel-arch Lu Pu Bridge, Magnet , Jiang Yin Highway Bridge across the Yangtse River, the National Grand Theatre in Beijing, etc. SCG has been ranked 38 of the “Top-225 International Contractors” by the U. S. “Engineering News Record” in 2003.

中国石化上海石油化工股份有限公司     www.spc.com.cn

中国石化上海石油化工股份有限公司是中国最大的集炼油、化工、化纤和塑料为一体的综合性现代化石油化工企业之一, 也是目前中国最大的乙烯和晴纶生产商。 上海石化的发展经历了四个阶段的大规模集中建设, 现拥有主要生产装置66套。 2003年,上海石化共加工原油861万吨, 生产商品总量达725吨,其中: 成品油396万吨、乙烯94.8万吨、合成纤维37.7万吨、塑料树脂105.8万吨。

SINOPEC Shanghai Petrochemical Co.Ltd.
SINOPEC Shanghai petrochemical Co.Ltd, is one of the largest modern petrochemical enterprises with intergrated production of petroleum products, petrochemicals, synthetic fibers and plastics in China. At present, it is also the country’s largest producer of ethylene and acrylic fiber. SPC has now 66 main production plants after its four phases of large-scale construction. The total quantity of crude oil processed in 2003 reached 8.61 million tons, the total output of commodity products was 7.25 million tons, including 3.96 million tons of fuel oil products, 948 thousand tons of ethylene, 377 thousand tons of synthetic fibers and 1.058 million tons of plastics.

上海市电信公司    www.shanghaitelecom.com.cn

上 海市电信有限公司是境外上市的中国电信股份有限公司的全资子公司, 2002年11月18日正式挂牌。公司注册资本1598354.76万元人民币。2003年, 上海电信通过全面实施业务创新, 加快产品结构转变.本地电话用户尽净增57万户, 总用户数达726万户; 宽带用户净增45万户, 总数达73万户; 因特网用户累计达159万户; 实现通信主营业务收入128亿元, 比上年增长11%.

Shanghai Telecom Corporation
Shanghai Telecommunication Co.,Ltd. officially founded on November 18,2002, is a fully-funded subsidiary of China Telecom Co.,Ltd. That is listed outside Chinese Mainland. The registered capital is 15,983,547,600 yuan. Shanghai Telecom, in 2003, won great success in business growth, through all-round service innovation and quick shift in product mix.570,000 new subscribers of local telephone services signed up, bringing the total to 7.26 million.450,000 more subscribers of broadband access were added the total numbered 730,000.90,000 new registered subscribers of Internet services took the total to 1.59 million. The revenue from telecom business was 12.8 billion yuan , a year-on-year rise of 11%.

上海张江(集团)有限公司     www.zjpark.com

上 海市张江高科技园区建立于1992年7月,是国家级的高新技术园区,规划面积25平方公里。1999年在市政府“聚集张江”的战略决策下,使其进入了加速 发展的阶段。园区重点发展生物医药、集成电路、软件三大产业,至2003年12月,园区累计引进注册企业3009家,投资额108亿美元,固定资产投资额 达411亿元人民币,完成土地开发面积16平方公里 。

Shanghai Zhangjiang(Group)Co.Ltd
Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park was established in July, 1992 with planned area of 25 km2, as one of national-level hi-tech parks for new and high technology. The strategic policy of “Focus on Zhangjiang” issued by Shanghai Municipal Government in 1999 has been accelerating the Park’s development pace. The Park’s Three leading industries are bio-tech & pharmaceutical integrated circuit and information technology. Until the end of 2003, there had been 3009 enterprises registering in the Park with an investment of 10800 million USD and fixed assets 41100 million RMB, having completed the development of 16km2.


上海铁路局地处经济发达的中国东部地区,主要经营安徽、江苏、浙江和上海三省一市境内的铁路运输、建设和相关产业。全局员工13.9万人,总资产 713.6亿元,年发送旅客1.80亿人、货物1.48亿吨,包括相关产业在内的营业收入近300亿元,实现利润近30亿元。2005年,入围中国企业 500强第92位以及中国服务企业500强第43位。 。

Shanghai Railway Administration
Situated in the economically developed eastern region of China, Shanghai Railway Administration manages chiefly the railway transport, railway construction and relevant industries within the boundaries of Anhui, Jiangsu and ZhejiangProvinces and ShanghaiMunicipality. With a total staff of 139,000 persons, it boasts a total asset of RMB71.36 billion yuan. It transports 180 million passengers and 148 million tons of freights annually. It has scored a business income of about RMB 30 billion yuan including the income from relevant industries and realized a profit of RMB 3 billion yuan. In the year of 2005, Shanghai Railway Administration was ranked the 92nd of the 500 top enterprises in China and the 43rd of Chinese top service enterprises.

上海申通地铁集团有限公司    www.shtmetro.com

上海申通地铁集团有限公司成立于2000年4月,是一家融轨道交通投资、建设和经营管理为一体的大型企业集团。截止2006年底,由申通集团投资建设并已 投入运营的轨道交通线路有5条,运营里程达到145公里,日平均客流超过170万人次,占全市公交出行量的12%左右。到2012年左右将建成由13条线 路组成、运营里程超过500公里的上海轨道交通基本网络。届时,上海轨道交通的运营规模将位居世界城市前列。

Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd
Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd was officially founded in April 2000. It is a large scale enterprise with principal activities in the fields of railway transport investment, construction, and operating management. Till the end of 2006, Shentong Metro has constructed and put into operation five railway lines totaling 145km with a daily passenger flow of over 1,700,000, which is equal to 12% of the total public transportation users in Shanghai. In 2012, Shentong Metro will come up with Shanghai’s principle railway transport network with 13 lines totaling 500km, which will enable Shanghai’s city-railway-transport-operating scale to rank ahead in the world. Based upon its development platform of principal network construction, Shengtong Group will build its core competitiveness and scale economy advantages in the fields of investment, construction, operation, resource developing and consulting.

复星集团    www.fosun.com

创建于1992年,中国最大的综合类民营企业集团,目前拥有钢铁、房地产、医药、零售和金融服务以及战略投资业务。主要业务均受益于中国的城市化、巨大的 人口、高增长市场及服务全球的制造业带来的持续增长,且基本进入中国行业前列。在中国经济高速发展的过程中,复星集团凭借着具有独特优势的杰出管理体系, 持续发现投资机会,持续提升管理;凭借着对中国市场机会的深刻理解和长期积累的经验与资源,秉承“保持开放思维、强调行动效率、倡导团队合作和崇尚专业积 累”的价值观,不断为海内外投资者提供稳健可控的中国产业投资机会,不断汇聚成长力量,持续地发现、提升和创造价值!

Fosun was established in 1992. It has become China’s largest privately-owned conglomerate and this has been achieved by mastering China’s development opportunity and sharing China’s growth power. Fosun’s businesses cover steel, property, pharmaceutical, retailing, financial service and strategic investments. Fosun’s foundation is deeply rooted in the China’s soil. It ranked 39th in “2006 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” by profit and 92nd by revenue. Fosun ranked 73rd in “Top 500 Major Chinese Enterprises” by revenue and 9th in “Top 100 Shanghai Enterprise Groups”, also by revenue. .

Air France KLM    www.airfrance.com

After signing of cooperation agreements between AIR FRANCE and KLM, the biggest air transport group in Europe was born in May 2004. The Group shares by a company and the two airlines; they will retain their own signs, identity and three areas of operation (passenger transport, Freight and aviation industry). There are 100,000 staffs in the new AIR France and KLM group, transports 70 millions passengers, flight 255 cities around the world, has 565 airplanes. After the joint between the AIR France and KLM, the operating income leapt to the top of the ranks of global company, and be the pioneer of European companies.

2004 年法国航空和荷兰皇家航空合作成为欧洲最大的航空运输集团“法航-荷航集团”。该集团由一个股份公司和两个航空公司组成,各自保留其标志、身份及三大运作 领域(客运、货运及航空工业)。法航-荷航集团共拥有员工10万名,飞机565架,年运送旅客7千万,航班遍及世界225个城市。

Alcatel-lucent       www.alcatel.com

Alcatel-Lucent’s vision is to enrich people’s lives by transforming the way the world communicates. Alcatel-Lucent provides solutions that enable service providers, enterprises and governments worldwide, to deliver voice, data and video communication services to end-users. As a leader in fixed, mobile and converged broadband access, carrier and enterprise IP technologies, applications, and services, Alcatel-Lucent offers the end-to-end solutions that enable compelling communications services for people at home, at work and on the move. With 77,000 employees (after the completion of the Thales transaction) and operations in more than 130 countries, Alcatel-Lucent is a local partner with global reach. The company has the most experienced global services team in the industry, and one of the largest Innovation and Technology organizations focused on communications. Alcatel-Lucent achieved revenues of Euro 17.8 billion in 2007, and is incorporated in France, with executive offices located in Paris.

阿尔卡特-朗讯的愿景是通过改变世界的通讯方式来丰富人们的生活。阿尔卡特-朗讯为全世界的服务供应商、企业和政府提供面向终端用户的音频、数据和视频传 输解决方案。作为固定通讯、移动通讯和宽带接入的领先者,企业IP技术、应用和服务的业界领导者,阿尔卡特-朗讯为人们的家庭、工作和移动生活提供令人瞩 目的通讯服务。 作为一个本地化的全球公司,阿尔卡特-朗讯已进入130个国家,拥有77,000员工。公司拥有业内最具经验的全球服务团队,是最大的创新型、技术型通讯 公司之一。阿尔卡特-朗讯2007年销售额178亿欧元。公司总部位于法国巴黎。

ALSTOM     www.alstom.com

ALSTOM is a specialist in power generation, power transmission & distribution and power conversion. Alstom is also a world leader in transport infrastructure (rail and marine) with: TGV high speed trains (515km/h top speed), electric locomotives, metros (Shanghai Mass Transit Pearl Line, Xinmin Line, Yangpu Line, Nanjing Metro,...), advanced signaling equipment, etc… ALSTOM has annual sales of 17 billion euros and employs 70,000 people in 70 countries. In China ALSTOM has established 2 wholly owned foreign enterprises, has invested in 7 joint ventures plus one subsidiary in Hong Kong and is also supplying electric generator for the Three Gorges Power plant.

阿尔斯通是在全球能源及交通运输基础设施领域领先的专业公司。包括发电、 输配电、机电业务、轨道交通和造船等方面,特别是轨道交通,名场全球。公司为 全球客户提供:每小时时速达515公里的TGV超高速列车;地铁(如上海轨道交通明 珠线)。阿尔斯通年销售收入超过220亿欧元,业务遍及全球70多个国家和地区,拥有 120,000多名员工。阿尔斯通在中国已成立了11家合资企业,并在香港设有2家分 公司。

TOTAL       www.total.com

TOTAL is the 4th largest oil and gas groups all over the world, with activities in more than 130 countries. Its 95,000 employees put their expertise to work in every part of the industry’s exploration and production of oil and natural gas, refining and marketing, gas trading and electricity. Total is working to keep the world supplied with energy, both today and tomorrow. The Group is also a first rank player in chemicals. Total has been present in China for nearly 30 years through its activities of Exploration & Production, Gas & Power, Refining & Marketing, and Chemicals. Today, Total has created over 3,500 jobs locally and owns more than 30 companies in China .

道 达尔集团是全球第四大石油与天然气公司,业务遍及130多个国家,拥有员工95,000名,专业致力于涵盖石油与天然气的勘探与生产,炼制与销售以及天然 气贸易和发电等能源行业的各个领域。道达尔正努力满足今天和明天的世界的能源需求。道达尔集团还是全球一流的化工企业。 道达尔在中国已有近30年的历史,业务范围包括勘探生产、天然气和电力、炼油与营销,以及化工,在中国拥有30多家公司和3,500多名员工。

Bouygues Group       www.bouygues.com

The Bouygues Group business areas are: - Telecom with over 6 millions customers; -TV channel, TF1 is the Europe most successful one; - utilities management (SAUR); - construction from analysis of customer needs to project operations; - real estate; -road construction (Colas is the world leader).

Bouygues 集团2000年的营业额达190亿欧元,其中70亿为世界市场销售额,它在全球拥有119,000名雇员,其中45%是法国境外雇员。Bouygues集 团的业务涉及:拥有600万客户的电信业;欧洲最成功的电视频道TF1;专注于公共事业管理的SAUR公司;通过分析客户需求的建设项目;房地产开发及处 于世界领先地位的Colas道路建设公司。

Electricite de France(EDF)          www.edf.fr

Since 1946, Electricité de France (EDF) has been the main player in nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power. EDF provides integrated electricity solutions including power investment and engineering design, as well as power management and distribution. Taking advantage of over 50 years experience in power development, EDF has grown to become one of the very first electric power companies in the world. EDF serves 37.8 million customers in about 30 countries. Its sales net income in 2007 is 59.6 billion Euros.

自 1946年以来,法国电力公司作为核电、火电和水电领域的主要竞争者,提供一体化的电力解决方案,包括电力投资和工程设计以及电力管理和配电服务。该公司 充分利用电力开发领域50多年的经验,以发展成为世界上超一流的电力公司,为30个国家 的3780万客户提供服务。法国电力公司在2007年的销售额达596亿欧元。

Michelin           www.michelin.com

Michelin employs 125,000 people, operates 74 industrial sites in 19 countries and sells tires in over 170 countries. Its 4 technology centers are in the United States, Europe, Japan and China, while it also owns and operates 6 rubber plantations in Brazil and Nigeria. In 1989, Michelin introduced 100 years of innovation, technological know-how and high quality standards to China, establishing its first joint venture company in 1995. In 2001, the Shanghai Michelin Warrior Tire Co. Ltd. was founded via a co-operative agreement between Michelin and STRC – one of the largest tire manufacturers in the country. Today Michelin China employs more than 4,900 people.

作为一家具有百年历史的跨国公司,米其林始终站在技术革新的前沿,为顾客创造出更加安全、有效及舒适的驾车体验。米其林总部位于法国克莱蒙•费朗;现在全球 拥有近12.5万名员工;在19个国家设立了74家工厂,在超过170个国家设立了销售与市场机构。米其林分别在美国、欧洲、日本和中国上海设有研究与测 试中心,并在巴西和尼日利亚拥有6个橡胶种植园。 1989年,米其林来到中国。本着逾百年的创新精神,米其林将先进科技和高质量产品带到中国,于1995年底在沈阳设立了第一家合资公司。2001年,米 其林又与中国最大的轮胎生产企业之一的上海轮胎橡胶(集团)股份有限公司联合组建了上海米其林回力轮胎股份有限公司。目前,米其林在中国拥有超过 4,900名员工,共同致力于米其林在中国的持续发展和壮大。

Suez Group     www.suez-lyonnaise-eaux.fr

Suez businesses are, energy (power producer and natural gas distribution– Tractebel), water (water treatment and distribution – Ondeo), waste services (SITA). Suez works for municipal clients providing urban populations with first quality services. Suez also works for industrial by clients (more than half of the consolidated revenues). The group total income is Euros 34 billions. It hires 200000 employees in 130 countries. Everyday Suez serves more than 200 millions consumers worldwide.

SUEZ 集团的业务涉及能源(专注于能源服务及天然气供应的能源业务中心Tractebel公司)、水务(致力于水务服务的Ondeo公司)和废物处理(负责废物 处理的SITA公司)。SUEZ集团不仅为城市居民提供一流服务,也为工业客户提供服务,后者的营业额约占其营业总额的一半。SUEZ集团的营业总额达 340亿欧元,拥有20万名员工,业务涉足130个国家,其每天的客户人数达2亿。